SMB1 Practise ROM Builder!

This page creates practise roms for Super Mario Bros 1 romhacks.

It only works with fairly basic hacks at this time, mostly level and sprite changes.
Start by adding your romhack .nes rom here:

Any detected issues will be listed in the box below.
If there are any warnings, most likely the resulting patch will not function correctly.

After the file has been added, just

How to use the practise rom

The practise rom should be pretty familiar to anyone used to the fantastic Pellsson ROM which inspired it.

When the ROM starts you will see a menu where you can select starting levels, power-up state and framerule.
Press select to switch meun selection, and use the d-pad to change values.

While in the actual game, press select + up to restart the level, select + down to return to the menu.

Enjoy! /threecreepio

Oh and check out the github page if you want to keep up to date with changes. :)