Trying to get some thoughts written down since lord knows my memory is a volatile storage medium.

NES Super Mario Bros

I've tinkered a good deal with Super Mario Bros over the years, I have a page here that lists a few of the SMB projects I've got, but there are a lot more scattered around.


NESL is an FCEUX Lua-compatible headless NES emulator running the QuickNES core. It's effectively a blazing fast emulator made for running scripts for things like brute forcing billions of input variations!

Check it out on Github

NES Jaws disassembly

If you like reading a bunch of assembly, then you may enjoy this disassembly I made of the game "Jaws" for the NES. It's a classic, and I spent hundreds of hours putting that nonsense together so I sure hope someone reads it.

NES Family Feud answers

At some point I extracted all of the question and answer data from the NES game "Family Feud" and made a little page where you can look them up quickly for speedruns.

PC Yendorian Tales 1 Map

Way back I used to play a CRPG called Yendorian Tales. I made a map of the game the way it's laid out in the game files. Using some glitches in the game you can use these to navigate through it pretty quickly. It also shows some things like chest contents. I also have an older repo laying around for it with some very rudimentary reverse engineering.

Plenty more stuff I should document, maybe I'll get around to it. There are some projects collecting dust on my github account, practise roms, maybe some reverse engineering tools, input displays, etc.. who knows!